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Thread: The mouthbreather thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwingOnThis View Post
    The 700 level was where i first learned that you could piss in the sink.
    you could piss in your seat on the guy in front of you in the 700 level.

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    The mouthbreather thread

    The breathers are gonna love Wolff if he's a backup safety. Clamoring for him to get snaps because he can jump on file cabinets

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwingOnThis View Post
    Wasn't a hurricane when it got to Jersey.

    It was basically rain showers at that point.
    Everything's fixed now that the cheerleaders played a game beach flag football (notably not "two hand touch", lol) with some first responders. #STTS.
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    Wolff will be out of the NFL and competing on Ninja Warrior with his jumping skills within three years.

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    Please add using the phrase "he flashed in camp this week" to WTT.
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    Dumb question of the day............what is the actual definition of a "Mouthbreather" for the Eagles? Is that the same as "Stepford" for the Flyers?

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    Over the last 16 years, Young has presided over nearly every single regular season home game, ramping up the enthusiasm for his home team while earning the respect and admiration of the fans and the Eagles alike. A season ticket holder since 1993, Young has missed only one regular season game and did so for a good reason.

    “It was the 'snow game' against San Francisco (December 20, 2009; Eagles 27, 49ers 13) and I got called into work to help plow Springfield Township,” recalls Young, an employee of the Springfield Township Public Works Department. “So, I made an adult decision and reported for work, but the whole time I was out there plowing that white stuff, I kept thinking that I really should have been at the game cheering on my team!”

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    “Shaun is highly recognizable in the Philly sports market. Everybody wants to take their picture with Shaun when he's in full outfit for a game or an appearance,” says Mattis. “The TV stations love when he'll do an interview on camera before the big game. He helps get the fans all fired up! Having him help in a local advertising campaign or having him make an appearance at a local business would definitely make sense and would be a definite winner.”

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    Young’s seemingly boundless enthusiasm for and dedication to the Eagles has placed him in a whole other class and really puts the “die” in the term diehard fan. With a lightness in his voice, Young recounted his story about the Eagles NFL Divisional Playoff game against the Chicago Bears on January 19, 2002. The week before that playoff game, after appearing with John Bolaris for “Eagles Game Day Weather” on then WCAU-10 and on the Comcast Tailgate Special on Friday night, and then after attending the Wild Card game that Saturday, January 12, 2002, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Eagles 31, Bucs 9), the pain Young had felt since Friday morning was so great he finally went to the hospital. It turns out his appendix had burst. By noon of that Sunday, Young was in surgery to have the offending body part removed and spent the next week in the hospital.

    “The doctor knew who I was and told me that if I wanted to have a few friends in to watch the game against the Bears, to go ahead,” recalls Young. “But we had a massive snow storm and no one could get to the hospital, so I watched it alone in my room. When the nurse came back into the room, I was in tears. So she asked me if I was in pain and I told her no, I was just really happy because our team was going to the NFC Championship for the first time in 24 years! She thought I was crazy!”

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