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Thread: Chris Sale to Red Sox

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    Quote Originally Posted by pp999 View Post
    I didn't even think it was a staggering figure to be honest. I think he gets close to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borderstack View Post
    It is weird how we laughed about Papelbon's deal but now teams are lining up to give closers 65 and 80 million bucks.

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    papelbon was a great player here. one of the best closers of all time. lol at all the phillies fans who hate him.

    he never should've been signed because the team sucked and was going downhill fast. but that wasn't his fault.
    but don't expect the breathers to be able to make that distinction

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    He wasn't one of the best closers of all time when he was here. He did the job for the most part, but his best days by a huge margin were with the Red Sox. And he got paid a ton which may not be his fault but he really was a ****ing asshole. Usually those guys you see on other teams and you know if he was on your favorite team you'd love him, it was never that way with Papelbon. I always hoped he took a liner to the dome no matter where he pitched. He was a real piece of ****.
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    Papelbon was fine as the closer here, but yeah, he was a real brain-dead hick.

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